We believe in making high quality data and information available to those who need it, where they need it, and when they need it in a sustainable manner. 

~ Dr. Paul Ricketts


With cyber security being at the forefront of our minds all hardware and software are secured using internationally recognized procedures.


All of our application have api's and can readily connect and exchange information with one another where required.

Easy to use

Our products are easy to use and we create and deliver insightful training videos detailing each step / action of our applications for all users.


We always build capacity to support products during and after implementation.


With most of our products based on open source technologies the total cost of ownership is very affordable for our clients.


Companies continue to produce matured health technologies which are essential and therefore our products need to be dynamic enough to support them.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve health outcomes by matching the right technologies to the problems and build the supporting framework around it to ensure it is implemented and sustained over the long run.

Our values

We aim to improve health care in resource-constrained environments by implementing and supporting open source technologies which are sustained through the holistic development of young persons.  

Our team

Providing Health IT services since 2010 the team has experience in completing projects for both public and private health sectors such as Primary Health Care, General
Practitioners and Private Specialists.