Clinical, diagnostic and patient management information are all important for effective patient care. The information that bahmni makes accessible helps health care providers to improve efficiency and quality of patient care, reduce the margin of error in clinical diagnosis, and advocate for policies related to public health in rural areas.

Patient Registration

Register patients with their demographics, identification, contact, relationships & other details. Search Patient ID cards.

Stock Management

Manage, track, reorder medicines and other supplies. Move and monitor stock levels.


Manage patients' orders, samples and tests. Get bird's eye view of lab's work load. Send samples for referrals.

Billing and Accounting

Manage and maintain accurate records of all bills and financial transactions.

Clinical Services

Capture, maintain and access clinical records of patients. Create general and disease specific forms. Capture drug prescriptions and order lab, radiology or procedures.


Perform operational, clinical, and public health reporting.

Inpatient Management        

Manage patient's admission, perform bed assignments and track ward occupancy.

PACS Integration        

Bahmni allows you to make investigation orders which are sent to digital radiology devices. This sends patient and the investigation details to the radiology technician.

Bahmni also allows you to view the radiology results (DICOM images) from within Bahmni.


Hospital system for low resource settings

Improve patient care, make informed decisions, configure a reliable system and engage with a growing community.