Provision of advisory services that help clients select technologies that align with their business / process strategies.

Software development / customization

Development and customization of tailored software for your needs.

IT As A Service (ITaaS)

We provide complete IT services for a monthly fee to take care of a company's technical needs.

Documentation and Reporting

Document and Report on current systems and procedures.

Software As A Service

To provide a more managed service for our clients they can choose the SaaS option for products such as the EMR.


We provide training via various means for all our products and others which we can be contracted to provide.


Electronic Medical Record

Our electronic health record is a systematized collection of patient and population electronically stored health information in a digital format. These records can be shared across different health care settings.

Health Worker Registry

The health worker registry (HWR), is a central, authoritative registry that maintains the unique identities of health workers according to a defined minimum data set. Currently, data comprising workers’ information such as education, licensure, and place of employment are collected and maintained by their national council.

Electronic Immunization Registry

Speakers from all over the world will join our experts to give inspiring talks on various topics. Stay on top of the latest business management trends & technologies

Health Facility Registry

Health Facility Registry is a comprehensive repository of health facilities of the country across modern and traditional systems of medicine. It includes both public and private facilities and lists their services.

Applications We Support


Collect, visualize and analyze your data with DHIS2, the world's largest information management system, a global public good.

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This is an easy-to-use EMR & Hospital system. It combines and enhances open source products into a single solution. 

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This is a collaborative open-source project to develop software to support the delivery of health care in developing countries.

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Odoo is a suite of business management software tools including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, warehouse, manufacturing, project and inventory management.

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